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About Kleur

Kleur is a pre-media company founded by Martin Schippers. You could say Martin has color management in his blood. His father owned and operated one of Seattle’s most successful color houses, Color Service, for 30 years, later changing the name to Iridio and selling the company to R.R. Donnely and Sons. During this time Martin grew within the ranks of the organization. He started when proofing meant running film and hand-toned Chromalins, but grew beyond that as digital workflow solutions came online. His responsibilities included maintaining a leading-edge understanding of color-managed workflows and equipment and then applying this knowledge to the client’s work.

For 25 years Martin has remained on the frontline of color management solutions. In 2007, this experience drove him to start Kleur with a dream of providing customers with color-managed solutions that dramatically improved the accuracy of projects during the first proofing session.

Today, Kleur is living up to that dream, providing pre-media services to some of the areas leading companies.